WW1 Quiz: Can you Survive the Battle of Somme?

The Battle of the Somme was an Allied offensive meant to hasten Allied victory. The largest battle of the Great War on the Western Front, the offensive saw more than 3 million men take part in the fighting and was notable for the first use of tanks in warfare. The massive engagement resulted in nearly half a million causalities on both sides with little change in the status quo. You are a corporal under command of an incompetent lieutenant. Will you manage to survive the battle of Somme unscathed? Take the quiz and find out!


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How good is your mental health?

1 out of 11

How well do you cope in a crowded, dirty, extremely noisy environment?

2 out of 11

After a period of heavy rain, you find out that the rations that you left unintended have gone soggy hours ago. You:

3 out of 11

Having served your rotation in the trench, you are allowed rest by your commander. You take the opportunity to fetch some supplies that will help you with your next deployment. You decide to buy:

4 out of 11

After strenuous work in the supporting lines to keep the supplies flowing to the front, you are sleep deprived and exhausted. You decide to:

5 out of 11

You get hold of a Pickelhelm, the military helmet the opposing Germans wear. Your lieutenant wisdoms that it would unwise to think of wearing it in battle. You:

6 out of 11

While in the trenches, you get a small cut in your foot. You decide to:

7 out of 11

Do you wear socks with your boots?

8 out of 11

You sense a tingling sensation in your left foot which has gotten a bit numb as well. You:

9 out of 11

Your trench position is about to go under heavy artillery bombardment. You decide to:

10 out of 11

Where would you likely be stationed?

11 out of 11


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