Quiz: What are your chances of being thrown into the gulags?

It’s the 1930s and Stalin’s Great purge is in full swing. Supposed ‘enemies of the revolution’ and ‘class traitors’ are being rounded up left and right by the Soviet secret police, the NKVD and being sent off to Siberian work camps. You are a citizen of the Soviet Union during this period of terror. What will be your chances of being thrown into the gulags? Take the quiz and find out!


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Do you happen to be from an ethnicity that is seen as business savvy? (e.g German, Jew, Chinese etc)

1 out of 10

Are you a Polish, Finnish or Baltic National?

2 out of 10

Choose the best (or least worst) Marxist ideology:

3 out of 10

Are you a self-made individual?

4 out of 10

Are you intelligent?

5 out of 10

Are you a famous writer, artist or intellectual?

6 out of 10

Do you volunteer or work for a religious organization?

7 out of 10

A prominent and honest Marxist intellectual has been accused by the government of crimes against the country. You know he is innocent and the only crime he is guilty of is rightfully criticizing Stalin's policies. You:

8 out of 10

Do you hold a senior position within your organization?

9 out of 10

Stalin did nothing wrong

10 out of 10

A. R. Usmani

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