Top Ten Most Unusual Deaths in History

Death is inevitable but how one goes out can be quite varied. Some people do so peacefully in their sleep, some in the most horrible ways possible while for a few, their last moments are forever immortalized in legends. Still are others, however, whose deaths occur in the most unexpected fashion. We list the most unusual ways people died in history.

10. Death from being smothered by gifts

Draco, the Athenian lawmaker, established the city’s first written legal code. For his work, the grateful citizens, in a traditional Greek show of approval, threw their hats and cloaks on top of him until he was completely buried under and suffocated to death.

9. Death from a falling Turtle

Aeschylus – the father of tragic plays and a pioneering dramatist – met a farcical end to his own life after an eagle mistook his shining bald head for a rock and dropped a tortoise right on top of it. Ironically, Aeschylus has been staying outdoors often so to avoid a prophecy that he would meet his demise from a falling object.

8. Death from intense dedication to study

Top Ten Most Unusual Deaths in History

The Greek intellectual Philitas of Cos was said to have been so consumed by his study of logical puzzles and paradoxes that he died from starvation and insomnia.  However, the more likely explanation could be that he suffered from wasting disease.

7. Death from trying to kiss the moon

Most Unusual Deaths in History

According to some sources, the romantic poet Li Bai met his end after falling off his boat into the Yangtze River and drowning. He had unsuccessfully tried to smooch the reflection of the moon on the water next to his boat.

6. Death from beard

In 1567, Hans Steininger, a burgomaster of Braunau, was obsessed with growing his beard.  On one unfortunate day, he tripped over it, broke his neck in the process and died. At the time of Hans death, his bread measured 4.5 ft (1.4 m) long.

5. Death from laughing too hard

The Scottish polymath and aristocrat, Thomas Urquhart, upon hearing that Charles II has taken the throne, was unable to control his laughter and died from oxygen deprivation.

4. Death from holding pee

Top Ten Most Unusual Deaths in History

The Danish nobleman and astronomer, Tycho Brahe, at a royal banquet refused to relieve himself, considering it a breach of etiquette. This caused his bladder to rupture and he died from an infection.

3. Death from eating delicious food

Top Ten Most Unusual Deaths in History

After having eaten a meal of lobster, fine caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring and champagne, along with a total of 14 serving of his favorite dessert, Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden, died from digestion problems. The king had literally eaten himself to death.

2. Death from carrot juice

Carrot juice death

In 1974, the health food advocate Basil Brown ironically caused his own death after deliberatively drinking 30 liters of carrot juice in a period of ten days. This caused him to suffer severe liver damage and ultimately die from the complication.

1. Death from an orange peel

Unusual orange peel death

The American daredevil Bobby Leach survived many death-defying stunts such as riding over the Niagara Falls in a barrel.  While none of his daring exploits was able to take his life away, slipping over an orange peel certainly did the trick. His injured leg became infected and had to be amputated. Despite this, he still died from complications.

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