Weird Incidents from Modern History: A Game of Elusion

History is laden with weird incidents and events defying rational explanations (which is interpreted as godly presence), whereas certain historic mysteries would certainly compel Sherlock Holmes and Hardy Boys to seek divine intervention.

Given the vast coverage of these weird incidents, only salient features are covered briefly:


  1. The Umbrella Man
Umbrella man
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On the ides of March (referred to day of Julius Caesar’s assassination), American President John F. Kennedy was slain in Dealey Plaza amid spectators. Pictorial evidence and video-tapes were heavily scrutinized for combing through the clues leading to the assassin. The infamous Babushka Lady was a person of interest in these investigations, observed witnessing the event, yet her identity is anonymous.


Contrariwise, the umbrella man is red-flagged as another unidentified individual at the historic assassination. The mysterious umbrella man is heavily recorded in video-tapes and photographs, inclusive of film recorded by Zapruder. Strangely enough, he’s the black sheep among the crowd showcasing an umbrella on a clear day. Interestingly, when Kennedy was shot dead by the head-shot, he rotated his umbrella in clockwise direction for some ungodly reason.

Post-assassination, the umbrella man was recorded sitting next Stemmons Freeway sign, whereby he decided to take a stroll to Texas School Book Depository. The identity of umbrella man is undetermined as of today.

Conspiracy Theories

The umbrella man is at center-stage of many conspiracy theories, even portrayed in Oliver Stone’s JFK, in which it hypothesizes the umbrella to be a green-light the assassin. He could also be signaling for the driver to halt at his command since the limousine did screech to a halt.

Weird incidents in history
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A dark-toned individual standing beside umbrella man was also recorded giving off weird signals such as making weird movements when President Kennedy approached (a Nazi salute) and communicating with a walkie-talkie during the incident.

Plot Thickens

Umbrella man is alleged to be Manuel Artime, a Cuban American who died under mysterious circumstances during the investigation of umbrella man. To this day, it remains one of the top weird incidents in human history.


  1. The Babushka Lady
Weird incidents in history
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As pictorial and video-tapes was pooled to pinpoint the murderer of President John F. Kennedy, a woman spotted at the scene of crime remains unidentified to this day.



Showcasing a brown overcoat with a scarf on her head (intention to remain hidden pretty clear), she is seen to be holding a camera in her hands during the historic assassination event. She was recorded from multiple angles and videos. Interestingly, even as the murder had been perpetrated and spectators filed out of the location, the infamous Babushka Lady (due to her babushka scarf worn by Russian grandmothers) is still defiantly standing on her spot recording. Completing her recording, she disappears from plain view last seen on Elm Street. FBI made a public appeal for her to submit her personal footage to no avail.

Weird incidents in history
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The Plot Thickens

Beverly Oliver stepped forward claiming to be the Babushka Lady in 1970, whereas her narrative collapsed under its own weight. She was discarded as a fraud. The Babushka Lady is among the top weird incidents which still mesmerizes generations to this day.


  1. Zodiac Killer
Weird incidents in history
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During 1960s, the zodiac killer became active in his killing spree within the region of northern California. With 5-murders under his belt, he also injured two of his victims.

  1. The first murder took place in Benecia border, using a pistol.
  2. The second murder took place in Vallejo, where he intended to shoot two individuals, but one survived the incident with bullets in his neck and head.


A Tale of Twists and Turns

Within 40-minutes, police attends a phone call from a man alleging to be the zodiac killer, confessing to previous two murders. He even sent a cypher to newspaper (3 in a row) for the police to decrypt his name and capture him. All efforts went up in smoke eventually.

The Plot Thickens

Arthur Leigh Allen was named as the prime suspect, but evidenced eluded him as the Zodiac Killer, compelling police to release him from custody. The zodiac murders are still open cases today.


  1. The Mysterious Person at Tiananmen Square
Weird incidents in history
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During 1989, many historic events occurred, including the fall of Berlin Wall, the spill of Exxon Valdez and China igniting communism protests. The Chinese protests commenced in April 1989 and continued June. The Chinese authorities eventually came to their senses, and embarked on a mission to end protests. Launching the counter-attack with tanks and troops, China went at it hard striking the heart of Beijing and especially Tiananmen Square.


This innocent bystander, with his shopping bags in his hand, held-off an entire platoon of tank heading towards the square. The defenseless passerby conversed with the tank’s crew after climbing inside. Later on, he was dragged away from the tanks as Chinese authorities carried their tasks. However, this mysterious man disappeared as he had appeared. The recorded video and photos became iconic in annals of history as one man vs. armed weaponry.

Conspiracy Theories

As the photos/ video became an international phenomenon, diverging theories were asserted. As per British newspapers, it was a student named Wang Weilin, only 19-years old. Other theories negated that. But no man to date exists by the name of Wang Weilin. The newspaper claimed that the person of interest was incarcerated for subverting communism and instigating hooliganism.

Weird incidents in history
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Final Verdict

During 1990, the Communist Party’s General Secretary conceded that the man wasn’t killed but unsure sure about being arrested.


  1. The Mysterious Opportunist at Times Square
Weird incidents in history
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The defeat over Japan was celebrated and brought immense worldwide pleasure. It heralded the conclusion of World War II (1945). There are many iconic/ legendary photos from V-J (victory over Japan), for instance, the Dancing Man in Sydney, Australia.

However, the last of the weird incidents is that of a random sailor kissing a random nurse in the middle of Times Square. As the photo was captured in 1945, the identity of the sailor has eluded conspiracy theorists and history nuts alike. It has fuelled countless debates, too.

Over the years, many individuals have claimed over being the mysterious sailor-nurse photographed kissing in the photo. The amount of claims made by people seen passionately kissing in the photo are ludicrous in short.

The actual controversy is about the sailor as opposed to nurse named Edith Shain. She claims to be on the shift and heard that the war had concluded at last. She stepped out and got kissed by a random sailor. The nurse allowed her as a reward for the military’s services during the war.

Weird incidents in history
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The top contenders for this sailor includes Glen McDuffie who underwent 10-polygraph tests to affirm his identity and photographed himself 100-times to verify the photo as genuine. Also, another individual carried the same birthmark as the mysterious sailor. He also briefly dated the nurse since they were hooked up subsequent to a reunion.

The best qualifier for this photo is George Mendonsa, whose photo was analyzed by MERL (Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab) located in Cambridge, Massachusetts for verifying his identity. According to his account, he was pretty drunk during V-J Day and dating a woman he would tie the knot with in the future. Apparently, they were watching a movie and stepped out of the theater to loud celebrations from the crowd. In this commotion, Mendonsa kissed a random passerby nurse while his wife watched from behind. It seems, she doesn’t mind at all (learn from her).


Admittedly, these weird incidents are still unresolved and still subject of intensive debate. These events fascinate generations repeatedly.

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