Quiz: How similar are you to Augustus Caesar?

Born Gaius Octavius, Augustus was the first emperor of Rome, responsible for creating an institution that would last millennia after his death and guarantee Rome a period of unparallel peace and prosperity for near 2 centuries. A controversial figure both in his lifetime and in history, many, nonetheless, consider him to be Rome’s greatest emperor whose legacy left a lasting impact on western history. Take this quiz and find out how much do you have in common with the emperor.

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1. You are a USMC officer leading a platoon to the front. You and troops mistakenly land ashore deep inside hostile territory. Do you:
2. You see that the former enemies of your dad are in need of help. Do you:
3. In your opinion, what is most important for winning the support of the army
4. You recently won a decisive battle. Your superiors unfairly give most of the credit to a famous political figure that played no part in it. In protest you:
5. You are short of money and need to pay salaries to your troops. Which of the following is your best option?
6. Your long time friend and your new girlfriend both really hate each other. You decide to:
7. Your business is failing to repay its bank loans, you:
8. One of the directors in your company tried to convince the board members to fire you. He also happens to be the brother of the current president. You decide to:
9. When it comes to making deals, you like to:
10. A rebel stronghold surrenders to your army.  If there were no personal consequences for your actions, you would definitely:
11. When it comes to acquiring power, the best method is to
12. Are you fond of giving yourself outlandish titles like, "Commander Caesar son of the deified one"?

Disclaimer: No Optimates were harmed in the making of this quiz.



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