Quiz: Could you survive the Black Death?

The Black Death also known as the Great Plague was one of the most ruinous pandemics ever to hit humanity in all of history. Originating in the plains of central Asia, the disease swept across the Eurasian continent, wiping out entire populations in its wake. It helped permanently change the socio-economic landscape of feudal Europe, giving way to the coming of the modern age. You are a member of the gentry, not rich but have the means to live a modestly comfortable life. Well-traveled merchants bring ill news of a terrible blight afflicting devastation in far-off lands. Seers warm of the end times. Would you survive the approaching pestilence? Take the quiz and find out.


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The local Friar preaches against cats that he deems to be ‘devil’s creatures’. All the town folks agree. You:

Where do you live?

You see that the local Jewish community is not using the town’s well. You:

How often do you exercise?

Which climate best describes yours?

You wake up in the morning and see that your peasant workers are now complaining of a strange sickness. Your reaction?

Malnourished refugees come to your King’s realm after escaping from the Mongols. Your reaction?

Which line best describes YOU?

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