Infographic: A Timeline of Climate Change

“But…But the global temperatures has always been fluctuating throughout history!” is usually a response one gets whenever the contemporary issue of climate change is being discussed. True, global temperatures have varied throughout our Earth’s history. However, the concern today among scientist isn’t that the temperature is rising but rather it is rising too fast. The last time temperatures began rising too quickly, this event happened. Gases released into the atmosphere due to intense volcanic activity caused a runaway greenhouse effect – acidifying the oceans and rasing temperatures rapidly – triggering the massive extinction event that killed off most of the life on the planet. Today, however, another such catastrophe may be looming on the horizon but this time, one that is virtually caused by the planet’s most successful species – us. This infographic timeline from xkcd illustrates the variance in Earth’s average temperature from the last ice age 22,000 years ago to the present day – clearly showing the severity of impact we have had in such a small time scale as well as not so positive projections for the future.

Humanity struggled to survive when average global temperatures were 4.3 degrees colder than they are today and we’ll struggle just the same if we do not change our ways quickly.



Infographic: A Timeline of Climate Change


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