The Entire History of Mankind under 20 Minutes!

From the time humanity first began its great migration from the heart of Africa to the present day where we have become degenerated enough to eat detergent pods we expand our presence into the Cosmos, it is easy to forget how quick it has all been. The myriad civilizations that rose and fell, the many cultures that influenced, clashed and declined, the social upheavals and conflicts that all make our collective history has been but a mere insignificant blink in the grand timeline of our planet’s existence. If Earth’s history were condensed into a just 12-hour period, human civilization would begin appearing just 1/10 of a second before midnight! Of course, that tiny span of time has also been the most eventful; just consider how much we have transformed our planet’s surface.

This information-packed time-lapse created by the Youtuber Ollie Bye and co. takes you on an exciting 20 minutes journey from the earliest days of modern humans to the very present, detailing the major events that took place in time, the discoveries that were made and how the colors of the world map fluidly changed as we sailed through the ages. A perfect crash course for those wanting to gain quick insights into world history.

Mike Rogers

Writer, history buff and a caffeine-dependent life form.

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