21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out

Children in history classes have studied half-truths and distorted historic events in discrete segments. More alarmingly, a mass majority of key historical information is excluded from history textbooks for ungodly reasons. Savor these untold history tidbits at thy disposal. Revise your history, mates. This is stuff no one teaches you at school.

Compiled below are noteworthy history facts recorded,  but ebbed away through the annals of time.

 1. Actual Name of Jesus

In actuality, Yeshua meant to rescue/ to deliver in Hebrew. The name Jesus first appears in The New Testament, where it’s written as lesous (from Greek), a rough version of Hebrew name Yeshua.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Errant sitting arrangement

Yeshua was a common name for Jews belonging to Second Temple Period. The Bible mentions multiple Yeshua(s), actually.


2. Battle of Stalingrad

During WWII (World War II), in ensuing heavy combat between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, a local Russian railway was exchanged between German and Russian hands at least 14-times back-and-forth, in a matter of 6 hours only.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
All hail the Motherland

3. Federal Government Pays Civil War Expenses

Irene Triplett, 84, received a monthly stipend of $73/ month as pension payment; paid duly by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Her father served during the infamous American Civil War.

Whereas, 4,038 women/ children still receive a monthly pension for partaking in World War I, thanks to their ancestors.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Living the life, gramps


4. Largest Empire in History

Since the majority of the populace perceives Roman Empire to be the largest empire in human history, in actuality, it was the British Empire.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Great ambitions bring great rewards

The size of British Empire was a biblical 13.01 million square miles, whereas the size of Roman Empire was recorded to be a mere 2.51 million square miles.


5. A House under Siege

Probably, the most surprising history fun fact from WWII would be the curious case of Pavlov’s House. Under attack for a period of 60-days, this fortified apartment was defended by the Red Army against a heavy-duty Wehrmacht’s offensive.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Were they guarding Solomon’s treasure?

The siege of Pavlov’s House was much more prolonged when compared to the battle of France (45 days) and the Netherlands (7-days).


6. Ginormous Gaps

The estimated time-period between the two well-known dinosaurs, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus is 150-million years. In other words, the Tyrannosaurus actually lived just 65 million years ago.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
The travesty is biblical

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. Amazingly, the Tyrannosaurus is closer to humans as opposed to its own ilk.


7. Chicago Cubs vs. Women/ Ottoman Empire

It is quite embarrassing to note that the last time Chicago Cubs actually a World Series, it was back in 1908.

Interestingly, during this political upheaval, women were still barred from voting in elections. Their electoral rights were nonexistent.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
No comments

On the other hand, the Ottoman Empire still thrived, as its reign concluded in 1922, as Turkey moved towards secularism.


8. Napoleon’s Height

According to misconstrued image of Napoleon, he was considered short compared to contemporary soldiers.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
What’s all the rancor about?

His recorded height was 5’6 (1/2)”/ 1.60 meter, whereas the height of French men was 5’7”. It could be reasonably assumed that his bodyguards were taller in comparison, which could have milked his mainstream image.


9. Harvard University is Older than Calculus

That is quite right. Harvard University is the oldest American university in existence, established in 1636. On the other hand, Calculus was derived in the late 17th century under Issac Newton in 1667 and Gottfried Leibniz in 1684 respectively.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Looks differentiated, (see what I did there)?

It was originally called New College. Moreover, Galileo was still alive during Harvard’s infancy, he deceased in 1642.


10. The Pyramids of Giza and Mammoths Coexisted

While a majority of mammoths became extinct at least 10,000 years ago, a minor population of mammoths survived till 1650 B.C.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out

On the other hand, the Pyramids of Giza were nearly 1000 years, whereas the Egyptian kingdom’s half tenure had already concluded.


11. Macy’s and Tiffany & Co. are Older than Italy

Macy’s was founded in 1858, a few years earlier than Italy. Moreover, John Young and Charles Lewis Tiffany established Tiffany & Young in 1837, which was later renamed as Tiffany & Co. in 1863. Compared to this, Italy was founded in 1861 when General Giuseppe Garibaldi initiated a campaign to form a new sovereign state.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Older than most countries

By this token, if Audrey Hepburn lived in the 18th century, she would have gotten Breakfast at Tiffany before and Roman Holiday afterward.


12. French still used Guillotine when Star Wars was released in 1977

Interestingly, the French government was still employing an archaic method of execution known as a guillotine. The last time French used guillotine was in 1977, a few months before the cult famous movie Star Wars was released in cinema.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Vader approves it.

Also, the Eiffel Tower was finished the same year Nintendo was founded, and Van Gogh painted The Starry Night, in 1889. Out of these memorable events, just Star Wars is given a heed to.


13. Builders of Pyramid of Giza were Slaves?

Inflammatory research now disproves the popularly held myth regarding pyramids of Giza constructed by slaves of Pharoah. Greek historian Herodotus asserted the constructors being slaves, later popularized by Hollywood movies.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
You say men have it easy?

Zahi Hawass, the chief archeologist clears the air surrounding the erroneously held belief. He clarified that within Egyptology, it is widely accepted that the builders of these pyramids were paid, corroborated by evidence.


14. When did the Roman Empire Collapse?

Romulus Augustus was the last official ruler of the western Roman Empire, with his reign marking the birth of Middle-Ages.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Roman Reigns :/

On the other hand, the eastern Roman Empire, after the defeat of Attila the Hun, enjoyed a period of peace. It is also known as the Byzantine Empire with Istanbul as its capital (known as Constantinople). Its reign ended in 1453 as the era of the Ottoman Empire heralded.

15. George Bush was a target of an assassination

George Bush and Mikheil Saakashvili could have been assassinated by a grenade thrown by a man named Vladimir Arutyunian. It could have become the pen-ultimate memorable day for certain demographic (ahem).

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
In the name of father

By a stroke of luck, the grenade failed to explode. Talk about dumb luck. The perpetrator was sentenced to life prison.


16. USSR Accumulated a Massive Death Toll in WWll

Compared to American soldiers, for very one dead American soldier, 21 soviet Union soldiers died.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Keep up the good work


17. Today’s Smartphone offers more than Radio Shack

Yes, that’s right. The photo below showcases the entire product portfolio of Radio Shack. Each separate product shown below is present by-default in today’s smartphones.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Feeling old already?


18. Oxford University is Older than Aztec Civilization

Founded in 1096, Oxford University was recognized as a university in 1249. However, the Aztec Civilization commenced during the 13th century, 1325 to be precise.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Not sure which one is civilization 😛


19. WWI was a Walk in the Park Against Chinese Wars

You read that correctly. The Taiping Rebellion resulted in a total body count of 20-million Chinese civilians. Lower than WWII, higher than WWI. The Mongol conquests during the 12th century hold a casualty count of 30-million people. While we are on the subject, the Qing Dynasty attack on Ming Dynasty resulted in a death toll of 25-million by conservative estimates.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Don’t be fooled by their animes, lol

Compared to this, 15-million deaths were accumulated during WWI. Also, the world’s record for majority of deadly armed conflicts/wars is also held by China. Even if it wanted to, China couldn’t wipe out these memorable suicide squads from annals of history.


20. American Racism

For a period of 36 years (1949-1985), interracial marriages were barred in South Africa.

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Zeitgeist: Spirit of Age

However, compared to South African’s history, interracial marriages were banned in the United States of America from 1776 to 1967, 191 years, legalized in 1967.


21. The Third Reich’s Debauchery

When the Third Reich occupied Norway, it approved a new program called Lebensborn, as per which Norwegian women were to interbred with Nazi officers. They were to carry their offspring, so to speak. Is it memorable for current Germanic nation/ Norwegian women?

21 Facts History Conveniently Leaves Out
Ripe and ready

The lead singer of band Abba, Anni-Frid Lyngstad’s life story is a typified suffering of countless such Norwegian women.



History is laden with memorable fun facts for those who have an eye for detail. However, these bygone events are just a mirror reflection of how life alters within the span of a century.

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